Radio Z goes ROGUE! Commercial Free 80’s/90’s!

Old Radio Z Studios [Fruita, CO]

Event info
Date: August 6, 2022
Time: 10:00
Location: Old Radio Z Studios
Address: Fruita, CO

Coming up on 08/06/2022, Radio Z will be temporarily taken off air to begin transiting equipment from our current studio location to its new location. We are expecting to only have the signal dead for a short time, however, these things sometimes don’t exactly go as planned, therefore it might be down for longer than expected.

Once the signal does come back on, the sound and feel of the station will be completely different. You will hear an 80’s and 90’s mix with no commercial interruptions.

Don’t fear my friends, this is only a temporary change to allow us to go on a backup automation system to allow us to move our current operation to its new home. We hope to return Radio Z back to its normal operations by Midnight Monday 08/08/2022.

106.9 Radio Z

106.9 Radio Z

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