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Web first became interested in broadcasting way back in 96 while listening to the Dallas/Fort Worth area sports talk radio station. A chance meeting a short while later, he met LD Rizzo during a internet radio show (what we called them before they were “podcasts”) at a sportsbar and struck up a fast friendship. He was invited back for the next episode, for the entire show this time. Afterwards the cast was officially expanded to include Web permanently. Due to “day jobs” career paths branching out, Web had to move on across the country for work in Telecommunications. After the tech stocks crash of 2000, Web struck out to attempt to fulfill a dream, becoming a professional broadcaster, enrolling into the Columbia School of Broadcasting (promptly dropping out due to personal reasons) and taking on a position as an intern on WFTR in Front Royal, Virginia. Never quite giving up, Web spent several years in the Medical Field before reconnecting with his old pal LD, who’s passion for broadcasting had driven to purchasing a radio station of his own… after a brief stint as a livestreamer on caffeine.tv and twitch as Tekniculdificultiz, he’s now here to share his own special insights with you as he gives you the music that you want to hear on 106.9 the Z.

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